All you need to know about Measles.

Measles is scientifically known as Rubeola, is a viral infection and is a very common disease.

Despite the availability and awareness of the vaccine and the consciousness respectively, measles remains a significant cause of death globally.

This viral infection is mostly found in children under the age of 5. The number of measles cases have significantly been increasing in the past few years.

Get a clear view on what actually measles is, how measles is spread, what are the symptoms of measles and how can you treat Measles.

Symptoms of Measles.

After the virus has entered your body it starts showing its symptoms after 10-12 days.

Symptoms include the following

  • Fever – which is very common symptoms for most of the infections.
  • Cough – infected person or child may experience a lot of coughing.
  • Runny Nose – the infections lead to a sever runny nose.
  • Red Eyes – the eyes of the infected person will become red.
  • Sore Throat – sore throat is very common in infections like this.
  • White spots inside mouth
  • Tiredness – people will experience unusual tiredness in the body.
  • Muscle pain – a severe muscle pain may also occur in severe conditions.
  • Rashes – one of the main symptoms is rashes all over the body.

A Skin Rash is a general symptom shown is cases of Measles infection. The symptoms show up after around 12 days of the virus entering your body and can last upto 7-10 days.

It first commonly appears on the head and gradually is spread to the other parts of the body.

What are the Causes of Measles.

Measles Virus belong to the Paramyxovirus Family and this virus will is also known as Rubeola is the cause of measles.

The first sight of infection is the respiratory tract of the human body and then it is transferred to the other parts of the body via bloodstream after it has made its way into the blood.

Humans are the only species who are suspected to get infected with Measles Virus where no other animal is found have this infection.

There are currently 6 known genetic types of measles circulating and a lot number 24 genetic types are said to be existed.

How is Measles Spread ?

When a infected person sneezes or coughs , or the fluid from his mouth or nose is releases outside the virus can be spread through droplets. The respiratory droplets can travel through and can infect another person. Thus Measles is and Air borne Disease.

Not any air, but when the infected person has unintentionally settled these droplets on easy or frequently accessible objects or surfaces, like the handle of the door , you be get infected by touching the same.

Measles Virus are capable to be infectious outside the body for upto 2 hours, will increases the chances of getting infected even more.

How can we Diagnosis Measles ?

If you feel you or someone has the symptoms of Measles, or have the feeling that you have been exposed to someone having measles, you should immediately call for a Doctor.

Doctors will examine you by checking the Rashes on your Skin and checking for other symptoms that are related to Measles that include white spots inside the mouth , sore throat, fever , cough, etc.

After the Doctor has examine physical symptoms, they may go ahead and have specific blood serology test for Measles Virus.

Treatment for Measles Virus

Measles Virus have no specific treatment. As bacteria can be killed with antibiotics, this virus has no such treatment to remove it.

The Virus and it’s Symptoms are seen to naturally disappear after two or three weeks.

Even if the Virus will be gone naturally, there are some steps or measures that you can take that will help you lessen the effect.

  • After 72 hours of virus exposure, a measles vaccine must be given.
  • Dose of Immunoglobulin, that is a immune protein must be taken within six days of exposure of virus.

You Doctors will also recommend you the following so that you do not fall very sick and which will help you recover better.

  • Acetaminophen – to reduce fever.
  • Intake of Plenty of Fluids.
  • Intake of Vitamin A Supplements.
  • Plenty of rest, that will help you boost your immunity and recover more.
  • A Heater that will help you with your cough and cold.

Measles in Adults

Measles is often associated with children and is concerned to be seen majorly in children only. But there are chances even adults can have Measles.

Adults who have not been vaccinated with measles vaccine most likely tend to get effected with the Virus.

The Measles Vaccine was first licensed in 1963, before then people were just immune to the virus.

Measles can also cause some serious health problems like blindness, pneumonia and encephalitis not only in children but also in adults.

So if you are an adult and you are not vaccinated with measles vaccine yet, the first thing you should do is speak with your doctor and get at least one dose of Measles Vaccine.

Measles in Babies

In case of babies, the Measles Vaccine is not given until the baby is 12 months old. At before that there is a very high chance that the infant is exposed to and gets infected with the virus.

But these infants can receive passive immunity against the virus from the bread milk. Children under the age of 5 are the most common targets of Measles and may also develop serious problems such as encephalitis, pneumonia and blindness.

How to Prevent Measles.

There are a few ways buy which you can Prevent the infection from Measles.

1- Vaccination

Having done Measles Vaccine is the best way to prevent getting infected. The two doses of the Measles Vaccine make a 97% immune to Measles Virus.

There are two different types of Vaccines of Measles Virus.

One is the MMR vaccine and the other one is the MMRV vaccine.

The MMR vaccine the a three in one vaccine and gives you protection against three different kinds of viruses that are measles, mumps and rubella.

The MMRV vaccine is a four in one vaccine that has the capability to protect you from four different kinds of viruses that are measles, mumps, rubella and Chicken Pox.

2- Other Prevention Methods

The Prevention Methods fall under two circumstances –

If you are susceptible to infection :

  • Follow a good Hand hygiene – make sure to wash your hand before and after eating or drinking anything.
  • Avoid Sharing things – Do not share objects that may come in direct contact with you skin or face, like towel, drinking glass.
  • Stay away from who are sick.

If you are infected with Measles :

  • Stay Home , avoid going to public places after you discover the very first symptom.
  • Avoid Contact with People , even if at home have some distance with people and try avoid contact of object also.
  • Cover your Nose and mouth, while sneezing or coughing, use disinfectant spray frequently.
  • Wash you hands regularly and keep your surroundings clean, change bedsheets and use dif

It is likely to get infected with Measles Virus just once , after you have been infected once your body will itself build up the antibodies and will protect you the next time Measles try to enter into your body.

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