Blood Pressure : How to Treat High and Low Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure is once the Blood Pressure in your arteries rises and your heart has got to work tougher than traditional to pump blood through the blood vessels. it’s necessary that you just have your force per unit area checked often by your health care supplier. Blood Pressure : How to Treat High and Low Blood Pressure.

High Blood Pressure is that the most wanted risk issue for stroke and a significant risk issue for cardiovascular disease.

What is Blood pressure ?

Blood pressure could be a live of the pressure or force of blood against the walls of your blood vessels (arteries). Your force per unit area reading relies on 2 measures. the highest range (systolic) is that the live of the pressure once your heart contracts and pushes blood through the arteries. the lowest (diastolic) range is that the live of the pressure once your heart relaxes between beats.

There area unit 3 completely different force per unit area categories: low risk, medium risk, high risk. See your doctor or health care supplier to urge a correct force per unit area measuring and establish that class you’re in.

Blood pressure classes



Low risk

120 / 80

Medium risk

121-134 / 80-84

High risk

135+ /85+

There blood pressure some exceptions to those classes.

If you’ve got polygenic disorder, the high risk class for your force per unit area is slightly lower. Your force per unit area ought to be but a hundred thirty / eighty. Consult a health care supplier if your force per unit area level is beyond a hundred thirty / eighty on quite one occasion.

What is low blood pressure ?

Low Blood Pressure (hypotension) is once the pressure in your arteries drops below the conventional vary. however force per unit area levels below one hundred twenty / eighty could also be traditional for a few folks. Your health care supplier can tell you if you’ve got low blood pressure.

How do I check my blood pressure?

Ask your doctor or alternative health care supplier to see your force per unit area. If you’re diagnosed with high force per unit area (or alternative connected conditions), make sure to raise your doctor however typically you must have your force per unit area checked.

Scroll down for a video on the way to live your own force per unit area.

What to do if I have a high Blood Pressure reading?

If you’ve got one high reading, you must have it checked a minimum of 2 additional times on separate days to work out if it’s systematically high.

Keep a record of your blood pressure readings on a force per unit area pursuit card. This record can facilitate confirm whether or not your force per unit area is at intervals a healthy vary.

How to regulate blood pressure?

High Blood Pressure is caused by several factors. you cannot management some risk factors, like age, quality and gender. alternative factors, like diet, exercise and smoking is addressed through life style changes to scale back your risk for prime blood pressure.

After 65, girls area unit additional probably than men to urge high force per unit area. Throughout a woman’s life, factors like physiological condition, contraception and change of life will increase the danger of developing blood pressure.

Here is what you’ll do:

Have Blood Pressure checked often as counseled by your health care supplier.
If your doctor has prescribed medication for high blood pressure, take it as directed. Follow these links to additional data regarding medications for high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure and stroke.

Reduce the quantity of salt you eat. High sources of metallic element area unit found in extremely processed foods. This includes quick foods, ready meals, processed meats (such as hot dogs and lunch meats), canned and dried soups, bottled dressing, packaged sauces, condiments and salty snacks. additionally try and limit your use of salt in preparation and at the table.

Heart & Stroke recommends that Canadians eat but a pair of,300 mg of Na (about 1 tsp / five millilitre of salt) every day total from processed foods and salt accessorial throughout food preparation and at the table. If you’ve got high force per unit area, the advice is to eat but 2000 mg of metallic element per day.

Eat foods high in metal like contemporary fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy farm foods, beans and lentils – unless you’re taking a drugs that interacts with metal.

Have a healthy meal, that’s low in salt and saturated fat. Get healthy uptake and learn additional about the DASH uptake set up, which might facilitate lower your high force per unit area and also the Mediterranean diet.

Be physically active for a minimum of a hundred and fifty minutes per week doing moderate- to vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity, in bouts of ten minutes or additional. Speak to your health care supplier before beginning a physical activity program.

Achieve and maintain a healthy weight. If you’re overweight, losing even five-hitter to 100 percent of your weight will facilitate to scale back your force per unit area further as decrease your probabilities of getting a stroke or heart failure.
Be smokeless. If you smoke, speak to your doctor or health care supplier regarding quitting. If you do not smoke, minimize exposure to secondhand smoke.

If you drink alcohol, drink less. Limit yourself to little amounts, pace yourself and drink lots of water in between.
Find healthy ways in which to manage your stress. an excessive amount of stress might increase your force per unit area. analysis suggests that the method within which you manage your stress is incredibly necessary. 

Avoid unhealthy cope mechanisms like smoking, alcohol use, poor food decisions, not being active, and look an excessive amount of tv. realize relief instead with physical activity, coming together, laughter and healthy uptake. keep in mind to require outing for yourself. Get tips about relaxation and attentiveness from folks that live with cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Measuring your Blood Pressure

Home observation will facilitate your doctor to diagnose your force per unit area properly. it’s attainable for your force per unit area to rise after you visit the doctor’s workplace as a result of you’ll fret. 

However, your blood pressure will come back to traditional as you approach your daily activities. this is often referred to as “white coat impact.” measure your own blood pressure often will assist you confirm if your force per unit area is indeed high.

On the opposite hand, you’ll expertise traditional blood pressure once it’s measured within the doctor’s workplace, however have high blood pressure in alternative things. this is often referred to as “masked high blood pressure.” If you’ve got the next risk of cardiovascular disease or stroke (e.g. if you’ve got diabetes), it’s necessary to seek out out if you’ve got covert high blood pressure. 

If this is often the case, your doctor might raise you to watch your blood pressure

It is necessary to form certain that your home monitor is taking correct measurements thus your health care supplier will get an entire image of your blood pressure.

Follow these steps to urge the foremost correct reading:

  • Do not smoke or drink alkaloid (coffee, tea, cola and a few sports drinks) for half-hour beforehand.
  • Do not live your  blood pressure after you are upset or in pain.
  • Empty your bladder or intestine, if necessary.
  • Sit quietly together with your feet flat on the ground and back resting against the rear of a chair or a firm surface for a minimum of five minutes before measure and through measuring.
  • Use a similar arm on every occasion. take away large or tight vesture from your arm fully.
  • Wrap the cuff snugly around your vacant higher arm (2 fingers ought to work between the force per unit area cuff and your arm). the sting of the cuff should be 3cm on top of your elbow.
  • Place your arm on a table or a firm surface. The cuff should be at the amount of your heart.
  • Do not speak or watch TV throughout the take a look at.
  • Take one reading and record your force per unit area.
  • Bring a record of your readings to your next appointment together with your health care supplier.
  • How to purchase a home force per unit area monitor
  • Your doctor or pill roller will assist you select a monitor and choose a cuff size that’s right for you.

Heart & Stroke suggests that the unit be machine-controlled rather than manual. If you’ve got an irregular regular recurrence some devices might not be suggested for you. choose a tool counseled by high blood pressure Canada.

Once you’ve got purchased a home monitor, take it to your health care provider’s workplace once or doubly a year to form certain it continues to grant correct readings.

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