How to Avoid Diabetes, Foods and drinks to Avoid.

Diabetes is a chronic condition that has reached a large number among adults and in children. How to Avoid Diabetes, Foods and drinks to Avoid.

Uncontrolled diabetes may also generate other health problems such as Health Diseases, Kidney Disease, Vision Problem and others.

Having certain foods in your diet can increase the blood sugar level and the insulin levels in the body and cause inflammation, which will eventually promote to the risk of Diabetes.

Here are some Foods and Drinks to avoid in Diabetes.

1- Sugary Beverage

Sugar sweetened beverages are the worst choice of drink anyone can have in Diabetes.

They contain a lot of carbs in them, these drinks have a lot of fructose as well and fructose is strongly linked with insulin resistance and Diabetes.

Studies have also claimed that consuming sugar sweetened beverages will promote the risk of having diabetes and other conditions also like fatty liver disease.

Not only this, the high fructose level can promote metabolic changes in the body and will increase the belly fat and add bad cholesterol and triglycerides to the body.

To help control the blood sugar levels and keep yourself away for the risk of having Diabetes you may stay away from sugar sweetened beverages and fructose.

You may have water, soda or unsweetened beverages like ice tea instead of sugary Beverage that are loaded with carbs and fructose.

2 – Trans Fat

Trans fats are extremely unhealthy and are not recommended to consume in any condition specially in the case of Diabetes.

To make them more stable hydrogen is added to unstable fatty acids.

Trans fats are found in peanuts, spreads, butter, creamers, margarines, and frozen dinners. Trans fat is also added into muffins, crackers and other baked good by food manufacturers to help extend the shelf life.

Trans fats are linked with insulin resistance, increases inflammation and belly fat they are not directly linked with raising the blood sugar levels. They also lower the amount of good cholesterol from the body and show bad effects on the arteries.

There is still research going on to have a clear understanding of the relation between trans fat and insulin resistance.

It’s better to avoid such products if you are pre diabetic or diabetic. You may also avoid buying products having written ‘partially hydrogenated’ in its ingredients lists.

3 – White Bread, Rice and Pasta

Pasta, Rice and White Bread are high carbs processed food.

Eating breads, bagels and other refined flour foods can increase the blood sugar level in people having type 1 and type 2 Diabetes.

Gluten free pasta have also been shown to raise blood sugar levels, and greatest effects with rice based types.

Studies also show that food with high cards not only increase the blood glucose level but also decrease the brain functionality in people with type 2 Diabetes.

4 – Fruit Flavored Yogurt

Plain Yogurt is the best type of yogurt a person with diabetes can have.

Flavored yogurts and made up of loaded sugars and cards and nonfat or low fat milk.

Many people may think frozen yogurt to be a healthy alternative to ice cream. But little less they know that it contain the same amount or even more amount of sugar than ice cream.

Plain yogurt, whole milk yogurt is the best type of yogurt you can have despite the flavoured one that are loaded with high sugar content, that can increase the blood sugar and insulin.

Plain yogurt has not sugar and besides this, it also has other beneficial effects like improves the appetite, controls the weight and helps in any gut problems.

5 – Sweetened Breakfast Cereals

Although a lot of people prefer eating a quick bowl of sweet cereals for breakfast but it is the worst meal to have in the morning if you have Diabetes.

Most cereals have high amount of sugar in them and have more cards than people realize.

Even some cereals that claim to be healthy might not be good choices for Diabetes.

If you want to keep the blood glucose level and hunger under control you need to skip most cereals and opt for a protein based low card breakfast instead.

6 – Flavoured Coffee Drinks

Flavoured coffee drinks are not healthy drinks and must be counted as liquid desserts.

Coffee has been linked with several health benefits, including a reduced risk if Diabetes.

When you drink calories the body or brain does not stop you from eating less later, which will promote in weight gain.

Flavoured Coffee Drinks are also loaded with carbs.

To keep your blood sugar under control and avoid weight gain, you can have Plain coffee or espresso.

7 – Honey and Maple Syrup

People having diabetes always try to minimize the intake if white sugar with other alternatives.

Other forms of sugar can also increase the blood sugar levels of the body, other products may be brown sugar, and some natural sugar such as agave nectar, maple syrup and honey.

Honey, maple syrup and agave nectar are not so much processed as the white table sugar, but they may have same effects on blood sugar and insulin.

8 – Dried Fruit

Fruit is a great source of a lot of important vitamins and minerals, including potassium and Vitamin C.

When the fruits are dried a lot of water is lost and a result that leads to even higher concentrations of the important nutrients.

Along with this the sugar content also become more concentrated.

If we see an example, raisins have around mire than four times as many cards as grapes do.

If you are Diabetic there is no need to give up on fruits totally. You make take low sugar fruits such as fresh apples and berries, such fruits will also provide you with the nutrients you need. 

9 – Packaged Snack Foods

Crackers, Chips, and other Packaged Food are not good choices.

These food products are usually made with refund flour and only few nutrients, but have fast digestive carbs that can raise the blood sugar rapidly.

Although the carbs content is mentioned in the packaging, they may even contain a lot more than its actually mentioned on it.

If you feel hungry after you have had your meal you may have healthy options such as some nuts or fruit or something with low card content.

10 – Fruit Juice

Fruit juice is considered to be a healthy beverage, but it has the same effect on blood sugar as effected by other sugary drinks.

Fruit juices are also loaded with fructose which is insulin resistance and can cause obesity and heart disease as well.

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