How To Keep Your Heart Healthy, Healthy Heart Tips

There may be many questions in your mind on How to keep your heart Healthy. Here are some Healthy Heart Tips for you.

Although keeping your Heart healthy may be difficult at times and there are a lot of facts that can affect the health of the heart.

Eating certain food may increase the risk of you not having a Healthy Heart. If you have been eating unhealthy all your life, you can still have a Healthy Heart if you start following these steps at the right time.

Once you know which food or eat and what are the things you need to avoid your heart will be in a state of becoming healthy again.

Besides having Healthy Eating Habits there are more Lifestyle changes that you can make and Enhance the Health of your Heart.

1- Quit Smoking

One of the most important step you can take to increase the hearts health is by quit smoking.

So no to tobacco, no ifs no buts no whys. You will not only increase the hearts health but also increase your overall health.

2 – Loose Weight

Studies have found out obese people to have a high risk of Heart Problem than in Slim and Fit People.

If you are over weight you can cut down your weight by following simple diet and having some exercise.

You can also check more about How to Loose Weight.

3 – Have Sex

Sexual Activities are not just only for pleasures, but it can also give you a Healthy Life.

Having Sex is good for your Heart and helps lower your blood pressure. It also helps you release stress, which is a risk factor for the Heart.

4 – Engage yourself in Hobbies

If you are having a busy schedule and do not find time for yourself. You should surely think about your health. Take some time out for yourself in the entire day and invest the time in your hobbies. Play cricket, cook, draw, go fishing.

Have a lifestyle that you don’t feel exhausted in. Causing stress a to your body and brain will increase the risk of having Heart Problems.

5 – Eat Fibre

You can have fresh vegetables, fruits and foods that are rich in fibre. A diet with fibre in good content and help reduce the bad cholesterol which is very good for the heart.

Other food items such as avocado, apple, oats, barley, pears are also options of items you have to increase the fibre content in your body.

6 – Dance a bit

People think it to be a hard task to exercise or got to gym, but easy to dance, as it also is a source of entertainment. If you are not into exercising and going to the gym, all you need to do is play you favourite dance music and just dance.

Dancing is reduce a lot of stress, make you fit and better the blood circulation, which is good for your heart.

7 – Laugh

You must have definitely heard people laughing in the morning in parks. Yes it is a very good exercise for your Heart and your body.

Watch laughter movies, sit with funny friends, watch laughter shows. Do all activities you can that will make you laugh out loud.

Laughing can reduce the stress hormone and decreased inflammation in the arteries and increase the level of good cholesterol in the body.

8 – Yoga se Hoga

Yoga literally has the solution to all risk factors of all problems. Studies have shown that yoga has the capacity to reduce the risk of cardio vascular problems.

Try initial steps of yoga, normal exercises. It can relax your body and relieve you from stress.

9- Reduce Salt Intake

If you like having a lot of salty food, you nee to stop or just cut down to your diet on salt.

Salt is an important substance but it may be a factor for risk in Heart and all Body Problems. Doctors have also claimed that salt has been a reason of many health related problems in History.

10 – Don’t sit for too long

If you have a desk job are you have a sit for too long, then try doing small thing and walk. If suppose you are on a call or you need to go through a file, you can just get up and start moving around in a small area.

Have small walks after very meal, this is cut down your body fat and maintain a good sugar level in the body.

11 – Monitor your Health

If you feel you are not Healthy or there is something wrong within the body, monitor your health.

Monitor your sugar level , your blood pressure level and cholesterol levels. If they are high or not good, take steps towards controlling them and keep monitoring to maintain it.

12- Do Your Household work Yourself

If you have a domestic help and all the work is done by them, it makes you more lazy.

It makes you dependent of someone and also you cut down on your daily activities. 

Making your Bed, Cooking for yourself, Cleaning the floor and lots more this will make you feel happy and will also increase your daily physical work.

13 – Have a Low Fat Diet

A Low fat diet is very necessary important for your Heart’s Health. Fat includes a lot of cholesterol and calories which is too bad for your heart.

You need to cut down your fat intake if you are looking forward to make your Heart Healthy.

14 – Don’t skip Breakfast

The first meal of the day is very important for your body. As the body utilises it to the maximum, it should contain a lot of nutrition and fibre.

Having fibre and nutrition in your breakfast will make your stomach full, keep you away from snacking around.

A Healthy Breakfast should include any options :

– whole grains such as oatmeals, whole grain cereals, or whole wheat toast.

– lean protein sources, such as bacon or small serving of nuts or peanut butter.

– dairy products with low fat, like low fat milk and cheese.

– Vegetables and fruits.

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