Things to do for people with Dementia, Dementia Treatment

Dementia is a group of Symptoms that is associated with the less functioning of the brain.

Alzheimer’s Disease is the most common form of Dementia according to CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention).

Associations also focus and promo activities that can help a person with dementia by the following :

– reducing behaviour changes.

– improves quality of life.

– provides a sense of normality.

– promotes a sense of self esteem and dignity.

– provides a sense of purpose, usefulness, engagement.

Research also proves that activity done out of a care home or a family home improves the psychological health as well as the physical health of the people having Dementia.

Indoor Activities

Indoor Activities may not move someone physically but can make their brain moving.

1- Going through Albums

A family has a lot of family albums, and to look at one of those is a very happy moment for every family member. P

People with Dementia must be shown ols photographs and old memories, where they can recall their past and be engaged in the activity.

This activity will not only keep them engaged but also create a positive impact in their brain, and will distract them from stress and other issues.

2- Listening to Music

Old music is the best option. As old people had a lot of time to listen to music sitting with friend on radios because they had no phones.

Listening to old music will also help them recall their past and cherish it. It will also make them happy and music does to everyone.

3- Arts and Crafts

The older we become the more we start behaving like kids, and kids do like colouring and making new things.

This exercise will keep them engaged for hours and they will really enjoy. The stress and anxiety will be forgotten and the brain will focus on the exercise of Colouring and painting.

4- Have a pet

As everyone is very busy with their lives, it becomes very difficult for family members to take out time for the elders.

And elders do need a lot of time, just like children do, specially elders having Dementia.

Giving them a pet is the best possible way they can be happy and busy.

Being with the pet and taking care of it will be their focus and they will not feel lonely.

5 – Engage in Household Chores

Performing simple activities like cleaning the table to folding few clothes will give them an opportunity to think of something and also move physically which will help in relaxing their brain and make the muscle moving also

They will also feel good when they will finish small tasks by themselves without somebody’s help.

6- Playing an instrument

Playing music in a group, our having a music class will help people in Dementia with their emotional well being. They may also develop a new interest or hobbies and spend time in it without being stress or lonely.

7- Watching TV

Making them watch funny serial may help them release stress, help them be more happy and also engage them and their brain into something.

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities include physical and mental work both, and is very good for people in Dementia.

1- Gardening

Research has found out therapeutic gardening is very beneficial for a person with dementia as it helps in improving their physical and mental health.

2- Walk in Park

Morning and Evening walks in the Park are very common and a lot of people prefer doing it, which is actually very good for all and specially elder people as it gives them to chance to interact with people and build friendship and relations and also be close to nature, which is a must.

3- Play a Game

A normal game with no extra moving or running, like catch will help them move physically and be active. It will also help to remove stress and be more relaxed.

Physical Exercise

1- Dance

Dancing can a fun as well as physical exercise are this will make the person happy and keep them physically active both at the same time.

Having a dance party for the elders once in a while will be a fantastic idea to make them feel special.

2- Yoga

Yoga is the best exercise one can do, it is not only meant for the body and equally to the mental state.

Yoga creates a state of balance both in the body and in the mind.

Yoga helps you from within and makes you release who you actually are. It is very beneficial for people with Dementia to actually remember things.

3- Going Marathons

People with Dementia need to walk and run and be active. Joining marathons of shorts distances will be able to build be feeling of enthusiasm in them and make their body active also will help them interact with people and be busy.

Activities for the Mind

1- Puzzle Games

Doing puzzles, such as crossword or sudoku or jigsaws can build up their mental structure and development.

The people with dementia may develop a sense of achievement and improve self esteem also a sense of togetherness.

2- Play Cards

Playing cards for will help the people with Dementia to remember things and keep their brain active and attentive.

3- Read Books

Reading books is the best engagement activity for anyone and specially for people with dementia. Reading book creates a level of imagination and thinking. People are involved and the brain is functional.

There are less chances of feeling lonely and alone as the book keep you involved.

Activities with Children

1- Homework

If you have children in your house and People with Dementia if will be plus factor for both.

Old people love to play with children and be around them.

Helping them in their homework will be a great opportunity for them to keep them active, interactive and feel loved.

2- Play with them

Children play a lot of different games and come up with different ideas and games that keep them involved and busy.

When people with Dementia are involved with children and play along.

There are a lot of ways where people with dementia can be involved. All need to do is just take and extra step and keep them involved.

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